I was being told it was too early to get it at 11.30pm by the promoter outside illuzion phuket. So I again walked along bangla road trying to kill time as i have no money to barhop and sit down for some live band music. I wandered and film and stand outside new york live music bar to get some free music. And then I walked down to the beach and get some breeze and people watching a little bit. If you guys have not try the doner kebab you must. 120b for basic chicken wrap. Very good and filling. The promoters from illuzion were mostly farangs aka the white people, thats because the customers were mostly foreigners from china, america, british, australia some chinese, singapore and Malaysia. 12.30am I finally went in. You can not bring water inside. My water bottle was taken by the security. Nice settings and deco from the outside. As soon as i stepped in, i hear my type of technos were being played, the crowds were building up. Nice vibe and good lighting system. I grabbed a 200b singha beer and head upstair to check out the view. It was just some regular DJ playing some warming up music. The real DJ which is DJ kraiz have not arrived. I realized there were some white girls there looking for fun too. 1.15am was where the crowds started to build up. It was packed out and more people were still entering. The dancefloor in the middle was completely full, if you go down there you’ll not be able to move a bit. I hope you enjoy the video.

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