Social 25 Downtown Chicago Nightlife Part One

by prophecy

Social 25 is a very cool upscale bar in downtown Chicago. For upcoming events and bottle service menu go to their website: www.socialtwentyfive.com Using the go Pro with the go pole we document an amazing night out with friends. This is the Vanderslice wedding after party. There was a long line outside but we skipped […]

New York’s Best Hookah Lounge

by prophecy

New York’s Best Hookah Lounge is Le Souk Harem. Located at 310 Laguardia Street, at the corner of Bleeker Street in the West Village of NYC. If you love Moroccan food and HOOKAH like all of the city does, you will fall in love with this venue. HOUSE music is the sound of choice here, […]

Miguel – “THE LIST” – Best NYC Bars/Lounges

by prophecy

Miguel sits down with DJ Enuff and gave ThatsEnuff.com his top 5 (and names 4?) favorite places to get a drink in NYC. Check the video out and maybe you can catch Miguel at your new favorite spot lol. Youtube