I don’t dance daily, I learnt all the steps I know by watching MJ on youtube all over and over again.
I used to impersonate Michael Jackson, when I was back in high school until I graduate 2years ago. I usually don’t film my street performance, because I want to enjoy the moment of joy that coming through the atmosphere in between me and my audience. However, some sort of “miracles” happened to me on that night, so I decided shoot my performance on my iPhone. I ran into THREE different street performers who plays Michael Jackson’s music in their performances, and it happened on a same night. I didn’t film my first two of performances on that night, but I finally filmed the third one, because I couldn’t get away with it. It was truly a miracle. MJ is still alive in people’s hearts. LONG LIVE THE KING!
with a Love, -Shuhei Nakagaki