Remember those nights you tried to stay up and record the Saturday night master mix from 98.7 Kiss FM in NYC? I do..clearly. I remember always buying the best quality cassettes and trying my best to stay awake. Then when you heard 987 KISSSSKISSSSKISSSSS MASTERMIXMIXMIXMIXMIXMIXX, my finger went right to the pause button and then released it. Knowing Shep Pettibone was mixing, you knew you were gonna record some good stuff. What can I say about Yvonne Mobley’s voice, but WOW. These were great times in my childhood. Innocent times. I dedicate this mix to Shep Pettibone and 98.7 Kiss FM (RIP). The sound quality is not that great on some songs because they were taken from old cassettes. But I hope you enjoy and by no means did I create this mix for competition. Just sharing my childhood memories. PLEASE ENJOY Also listen on Mixcloud